Choosing the right material for your signage.

Truprint media printers in Margate offer a range of materials for sign making and we are often asked “what is the best material for my sign”

Choosing the correct material for your sign is just as important as choosing the right material for your business card if not more so.

A few factors to consider for your sign is firstly to establish the purpose for which it is intended for.

This can be A) Is it to be used inside or outside and B) The intended lifespan of your sign, is it short term or long term use.

For whatever purpose you need a sign for Truprint Media have the technology and equipment to ensure it is fit for its intended purpose. Our guide to available materials below will help you decided on the best product to use or if you are still unsure, please do feel free to contact us for professional advice.

Foam Board

This is a bit misleading as the name suggests that foam board is made from foam. This is not the case at all as foamboard is more of a solid plastic that is light weight and very strong as well as flexible.

Often also known as Foamex or foamalite It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor signage as it is fully waterproof and weather resistant.

We offer two thicknesses 3mm and 5mm. Both are suitable for indoors, but we advise to always use a 5mm for any outside signage due to the additional strength to withstand heavy winds.

Foam board is very easy to work with will affix to any surface, it is suitable for long term signage.

We can also supply your foamboard sign with predrilled holes for your convenience at no extra cost.
Suitable uses: Advertising boards, car parking signs, name plates, door signs, shop signs, name plates and more.

Correx Board

This is a fluted plastic board that has a corrugated inner sandwiched in between two outer layers of plastic.

It is very light weight and a cost-effective material for making temporary signs.

It is fully waterproof and is perfect for outdoor signage however it can be prone to wind damage if exposed to high winds.

This type of material is used for estate agent boards, placards, billboards, and for signs on building and construction sites.


Also known as Aluminium composite which consists of 2 outer sheets of aluminium with a soft inner core.

Dibond is the most robust material for any type of signage and is commonly used for permanent signs. Generally used outside but on occasions our clients have had used aluminium composite inside when they require a metal surface to affix a magnet.

Although this is the more expensive material compared to Foam board and correx it is far cheaper than using metal or glass when sign making.

Hopefully, you found this useful. If you still have any questions or require a quotation, please feel free to contact us.

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