How many of you have the following or similar foot note at the bottom of your emails?

“Do you really need to print this ……?”

Trying to save paper to help environment is a complete myth.

Paper is one of the most sustainable products we can use and by using more of it we are helping the environment and reducing global warming.
Paper is one of the few sustainable products, so please do print that email as every tree that used in the production of paper is replaced by at least two.

Sustainable paper facts

  • Paper is manufactured from wood, a natural renewable and sustainable resource.
  • Paper ensures healthy growing forests, with an indispensable role in climate and biodiversity protection.
  • Between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by an area the size of Switzerland.
  • 56% of fibre comes from paper for recycling.
  • In Europe, 74% of paper and 83% of cardboard packaging is recycled.

At Truprint media printers in Margate, Kent not only do we use sustainable paper, but we take it one step further by carbon balancing.

What is Carbon balanced paper?

Carbon balanced paper is an initiative scheme which offsets any unavoidable carbon emissions generated in the production process of paper making.
Paper is one of the world’s most sustainable materials as its biodegradable, recyclable, and a renewable source.

Carbon Balanced paper is a scheme in partnership with the World Land Trust.

When you have any print produced at Truprint Media you can help the environment by using a carbon balanced paper.

Within the production process the amount of carbon generated is estimated, this is then offset by the purchasing and preservation of forests.

Purchased land contains standing forests that are under the threat of clearance. These them become protected and then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

This scheme launched back in 2013 and now has over 2,000 organisations in the United Kingdom using carbon balanced paper.

The results are that over 153,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are balanced and over 13,000 of endangered land for forests have been preserved with the World Land trust.

If you would like your next leaflet, brochure, or anything else you have printed on Carbon Balance paper you will be helping the planet by reducing CO2 and which will slow down global warming and protect our future generations.

You will also have the option to have the World Land Trust logo added to your printed material.

We will also present you with a certificate that will show the amount of C02 that has been balanced and the area of land that has been protected for forests.

Carbon Balanced Paper certificate example

So the question is, do you really want that statement on the footer of your email ?

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