At our print factory in Margate, we home Komori and Heidelberg printing presses.

With 5 printing units we can print CYMK plus special colours or a sealer at speed in one pass.

Our presses run at over 10,000 sheets per an hour that’s the equivalent of 80,000 A5 flyers single sided or 40,000 double side flyers.

What is lithographic printing?

Litho or Offset Lithographic Printing to give it its proper title is the traditional method using aluminium plates.

These plates have a print imaged directly onto the plate which wraps around a cylinder on the printing press. For a colour printing 4 plates are required, one for each colour (CMYK).

Ink is then transferred from rollers to the plate, the image is ‘offset’ in reverse onto a rubber blanket and the paper passes between the blanket and another cylinder to be printed. Simple really!!

The machines required for this technology need skilled technicians and create a very large footprint within the work space but do come with a multitude of electronic wizardry that ensures a consistent quality product.

They are also very efficient and cost effective at medium to long runs; typically, 1000 copies upwards depending upon how many pages your document has.

The advantages of lithographic print.

Litho printing is more suited to longer runs due to the initial cost of printing plates and machine make ready.

Once the printing press is up and running the costs involved are the paper and ink which on longer print runs makes this method of printing more cost effective and the actual production of large quantity lithographic projects is quick and very affordable.

Lithographic printing is commonly used in the productions of long run flyers and leaflets, magazine, books and all commercial printing.

Our Litho Presses

For cost effective long print runs

Komori B2 5 colour Lithographic Press

Quality litho printing with high print speeds of over 10,000 sheets per hour.

Comprehensive media handling, supporting media from 70gsm to 400gsm with a sheet size of 720mm x 520mm

Environmentally friendly printing with vegetable based inks.

IVT drying for fast turnaround.

Press Profiler  Pre-settings

PressProfiler examines digital files received from any workflow and generates ink key pre-setting data to save set-up time on an offset litho printing press at job changeover.

Heildberg Sork Z MO 2 colour Press

2 Colour printing press used for 1 or 2 colour printing, pantone specials, additional sealers and perforating 

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